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Natural Treatments for HPV

Diet and lifestyle for HPV

Keeping a healthy immune system is crucial for clearing out HPV and keeping it suppressed. HIWC will work with you to help you boost your immune system with diet, herbs/supplements, and lifestyle changes.

Vaginal Suppositories

HIWC offers Turmeric Suppositories and Green Tea Suppositories, both of which aid if fighting HPV. Green tea suppositories can also come with Vitamins A & D which further aid in fighting HPV.

Herbal Treatments for HPV

Detection of abnormal cells in the cervix is typically determined using a Pap smear and possibly a follow-up biopsy.  When the cells lining the cervix change and become abnormal, this is referred to as cervical dysplasia.  Abnormalities are usually classified along a range from inflammatory changes to dysplasia (pre-malignant change) to carcinoma, or cancer.

Frequently, HPV, or the human papilloma virus, causes the cellular changes seen with cervical dysplasia.  There are over 100 different types of HPV, but most do not have the ability to cause serious changes to the cervical cells.  Most HPV infections are temporary and can be cleared in a few months, and in some cases a few years.

Herbal treatments applied directly on the cervix provide a natural way to help fight HPV.  Following the in-office procedure, at-home treatments are also used which include vaginal suppositories that use botanicals and vitamins to remove the dysplastic tissue and support cervical healing. Herbal treatments are typically performed twice per week (with at least 2 days in between treatments) for three to five weeks.