Benefits of Drinking Water

waterWater is one of the most important substances you can put in your body.  Every cell in your body contains water. Water makes up 2/3 of your body and is responsible for all of the functions your body performs. You may notice that when you are drinking adequate amounts of water, you feel better. Staying hydrated is important and here are some reasons why:

  1. It could help you with weight loss. Sometimes we mistake thirst or dehydration for hunger. This can lead to weight gain. Studies have shown that people who drink water before a meal will lose weight faster than those who did not drink water. Drinking water before a meal helps us to feel full faster and may also boost metabolism. Plus, you don’t get all the extra calories that pop and juice contain.


  1. It could boost up your energy and mood. If you are one of those people that are always feeling tired, sluggish, and fatigued, then try increasing your water intake. Increasing your water intake may be just what you need instead of that Starbucks in the morning. Staying hydrated will also have a positive impact on your mood as well and keep you alert and focused.


  1. It aids in digestion and detoxing. Drinking adequate amounts of water helps prevent constipation. For those of you who have trouble with constipation, try increasing your water intake and see what happens. Drinking adequate amounts of water also helps your kidneys and liver flush toxins out of your body.


  1. It may be just what you need to get rid of those headaches. Going long periods of time without water may cause headaches. Dehydration may even be a trigger for migraines. So if you feel a headache coming on and there’s no reason for it, try drinking a few glasses of water and see if the headache is gone within 30 minutes or so.


  1. It helps protect your joints and cartilage: Water helps keep everything in your body lubricated and your joints are no exception. Keeping your joints lubricated ensures that you have good mobility and that they stay healthy as long as possible. Your cartilage is about 85% water. In order to keep it healthy, make sure you stay hydrated.


  1. It keeps your skin looking healthy: We all want our skin looking good. When you are dehydrated your skin will look dry and wrinkled. So keep that skin looking good by upping your water intake.


With the many benefits of drinking water, how could you go wrong? So next time you think about grabbing that pop, coffee, or juice, grab a glass of water instead! Your body will thank you for it!


Cynthia Williams MSOM, L.Ac. RN, CA

Holistic Integrative Wellness Centre, LLC