Virtual Health Coaching

Want holistic health care services, but don’t live in the area? We now offer virtual health coaching! Our virtual health coaching services are for those

  • Who Don’t live in the area
  • Those suffering from chronic diseases
  • Those suffering from autoimmune diseases.

What Should I expect from 1 on 1 health coaching?

  • You will complete a health history and other questionnaire forms prior to us having our online first meeting.
  • Depending on your individual circumstances, I may recommend you getting some lab testing.
  • During the first meeting, we will review the details of the form so I can get to know as much about you as possible. This visit can take up to 2 hours
  • I will then develop a customized plan for you. Plans are holistic meaning they consist of treatments that nourish the mind, body, and soul. From nutrition to supplements to meditation, you will get a well- rounded approach to healing
  • We will meet again to go over your plan.
  • Each program is 6 weeks. During the 6 weeks, you will get weekly 1 hour video calls to go over your progress. (Week 1 starts when your treatment plan is given).
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