Phlebotomy (Lab) Services


Non-patients of HIWC still have the opportunity to come and get their labs drawn. This is great for anyone who:

  • Doesn’t have insurance
  • Has a doctor that won’t order specific tests for them
  • Is seeing another healthcare practitioner and they want specific tests drawn
  • It’s easy to have any lab done you want! We are able to offer labs tests at extremely low prices for those who want to pay cash or don’t have insurance. You can call ahead of time and request pricing for specific tests. Those who want to use their insurance may do so as well.

Anyone who comes to get their labs drawn, will pay a $50 fee to have their labs drawn. This fee is applicable for cash clients as well as insurance clients. The fee only covers the lab draw. It does not include interpretation of your labs. Your labs will be released to you. If requested, we can send them to your health care practitioner.

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