Here at HIWC, we offer many services to suit your needs. Services offered include:

Chinese Herbs
Essential oils
Nutritional Consulting and programs


Your First Visit:

Your first visit will vary depending on what services you want. FREE general consultations are offered to determine what treatment option(s) are best suited for you.

ACUPUNCTURE: Typically, for acupuncture only visits, the new patient visit with an acupuncture treatment can be done all in one session. Your new patient visit consists of a complete health history and review of your present condition. We will discuss your diet, lifestyle, stress, exercise, sleep, etc. A physical examination will be conducted, your pulse taken and your tongue will be examined according to the Chinese Medicine diagnostic system. You will also be given a complete Western physical examination. Then we will determine a treatment strategy that best suits your needs. Recommendations on diet, lifestyle, or therapeutic exercises may also be given. In subsequent visits, less time will be needed. Expect a new patient visit to last approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. Subsequent visits will last approximately 1 hour.

Acupuncture New Patient: $100
Acupuncture Recurring Patient: $70
Electro-Acupuncture: Extra $15

AROMATHERAPY: For Aromatherapy visits, an initial visit needs to be done prior to starting aromatherapy treatments. During your first aromatherapy visit, we will go over your complaints and discuss what types of scents you like as well as any allergies you may have. A physical assessment and complete health history will be done. A custom made aromatherapy blend will then be made and used for when you return for your next visit. Expect first visit to last approximately 1 hour 30 min.

Aromatherapy New Patient: $120
Aromatherapy Recurring Patient: $90

CUPPING: Cupping may be done in conjunction with any treatment or separately. Cupping is $70.

CHINESE HERBS: Herbs may be given in conjunction with any treatments in order to help you achieve your optimal level of wellness quicker. Pricing will vary.

ESSENTIAL OILS: Oils may be purchased in conjunction with treatments or separately. Pricing will vary.

NUTRITIONAL CONSULTING: Those who want to start a detox program, blood sugar program, or just want supplements to enhance well being, will be able to get an initial consultation to determine what is the best course of action. Certain tests may be done to determine certain deficiencies. This consultation will include an in depth assessment of your current eating and lifestyle habits. A food diary form will need to be completed and brought to your consultation. After your consultation, you will need to reschedule another visit. During the second visit, you will be picking up your nutritional supplements and instruction will be given on how to use them. Pricing for supplements will vary.

Nutritional Consult: $80

COMBINATION SERVICES: Combining services saves money and helps you’re body to heal faster. Ask us about pricing when combining services.

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