Top 10 Tips For a Happier, Healthier 2020

This year will be different. This year you will turn things around and realize your goals towards happiness and health. You’ve got this! How do I know? Because we’re going to work together on making sure you know exactly what to do in order to be your best self. Here’s a quick list of simple, […]

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Signs That Your Body Is Out of Balance

  Are you feeling burnt out and overwhelmed? You’re not alone. Let’s face it: We’re all busy, dealing with endless to-do lists and struggling to balance it all. The result is often a day-to-day life that feels too hectic. We feel pulled away from the things that matter – and we may have even forgotten […]

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Natural Treatments for HPV

Diet and lifestyle for HPV Keeping a healthy immune system is crucial for clearing out HPV and keeping it suppressed. HIWC will work with you to help you boost your immune system with diet, herbs/supplements, and lifestyle changes. Vaginal Suppositories HIWC offers Turmeric Suppositories and Green Tea Suppositories, both of which aid if fighting HPV. […]

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Women’s Health

  Holistic Integrative Wellness Centre offers a variety of women’s health services. We offer preventative services as well as services to treat a variety of conditions. We offer: PAP exams Breast exams Thermography & Ultrasounds Natural Treatments for HPV Suppositories Escharotic treatments Pre-pregnancy Support Pregnancy Support Post Pregnancy Support Infertility Support Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Treatment […]

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Ayurveda translates to the science of life in Sanskrit. Its roots are intimately intertwined with its’ sister science, Yoga. The two sciences have been practiced for over 5,000 years in India. Ayurveda & Yoga are two faces of the same coin. Ayurveda is an elementally based science that serves as a guide to allow us […]

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Chronic Sinus/Respiratory Health Program

Sinus and respiratory problems can be debilitating – especially when they are a chronic problem. Traditional medicine has deemed chronic sinus and respiratory health problems as incurable conditions for which doctors can only provide symptomatic relief. But we believe that the secret to resolving these conditions is in a holistic approach, rather than countless antibiotics […]

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