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Functional Medicine

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Functional medicine looks at the body as a whole and finds the root cause of disease. It removes these underlying causes and restores the natural functioning of the body. Functional medicine looks at the total load of your body and removes each load 1 by 1. Examples of factors that contribute to the total load include: toxic emotions, hormone imbalances, medication interactions, compromised detoxification, mold exposure, food allergies, intestinal pathogens, leaky gut, nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxins and heavy metals, etc.

With Functional medicine visits, you will receive a complete head to toe physical exam combining both Eastern and Western physical exam techniques as well as lab work.

A functional medicine visit takes 2 hours. No treatments are included in the 2 hours. This is a comprehensive and thorough intake and physical exam. Labs specific to the patient’s needs will be ordered after the exam. A CBC, CMP, and Lipid panel are included.

Once the results of the lab tests are received, another office visit is required to go over the lab results. During the second visit, a treatment plan will be developed with the help of the patient. A treatment plan will be developed based on lab results as well as the intake and physical exam from the first office visit. The Second visit is approximately 1 hour.